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To the weekend warrior & tournament fishermen,

I would first like to thank you for looking at the B&R Outlaw Rods site.  My name is Robert M. Nosbisch and I am the owner of B&R Outlaw Rods, which is family run U.S.A. based company.  I have been manufacturing the “B&R Outlaw Rods” since September 2004. 

In designing the B&R OUTLAW RODS, we found the right combination and mixture of materials with the most up to date technology.  We have had a lot of individuals and companies requesting a break down on how the “B&R OUTLAW RODS” are put together, but we believe that we have an edge and because of this we are not talking about the actual mixture of materials we are using in the development of the “B&R OUTLAW RODS” and / or how we are putting them together.  But what we can say is that this right combination and mixture of materials has given us the edge in the market as it relates to a custom U.S.A. made rod.  The B&R Outlaw Rods are made in the U.S.A., they are not imported blanks. 

The B&R Outlaw Rods were designed to handle the stress of hard fishing in rough conditions, light in overall weight, balanced at the reel seat, very-very sensitive, they have a great back bone (for the big ones), and a responsive / sensitive tip.  We have sold thousands of these rods to both the average fishermen and also to the tournament fishermen, who wanted a GREAT ROD for an outstanding price, which is a fraction of the price of any other name brand rod that would even be close to what the “B&R OUTLAW RODS” has to offer.  We use the Fuji New Concept “Alconite” eyes and the Fuji exposed blank reel seats, which have more than proven themselves in the world of tournament fishing.  The B&R Outlaw Rod blank extends throughout the entire handle, which adds to the sensitive of the rod.  All the B&R Outlaw Rods are one piece rods.

B&R Outlaw Rods is currently offering both a solid cork handle rods and several split grip handle rods, both in baitcaster rods and spinning rods.  

All the B&R Outlaw Rods are "Platinum Signature Series" Rods comes in , even our new "Split-Grip" series and 8’0” "Walking Tall" series rods. 

You can ask any professional or weekend fisherman, “Who has the best fishing rod on the market?” and you will get several different answers.  Ninety-nine percent of them will say you get what you pay for.  But I had a problem with that and I wanted to know why does it have to cost hundreds of dollars to own a good fishing rod?  I have been fishing for over twenty years and in the last few years I have been fishing tournaments with my two boys, who are between the ages of 12 & 14.  If the rising cost of fishing equipment continues, how are they going to be able to afford to fish?  And even more be able to afford a good quality fishing rod, which does make a difference when fishing tournaments.  So, I contacted a U.S.A. based company, which agreed to manufacture the B&R Outlaw Rods here in the U.S.A.  The B&R Outlaw Rods are made with a graphite blank, which extends throughout the entire handle, allowing you to feel the lightest fish bite.  They come with either nine or ten Fuji New Concept “Alconite” guides, Fuji reel seat and they have a built in “Alert” speed tip, which is very well known in the world of fishing.

At the present time B&R OUTLAW RODS are offering the following "Platinum Signature Series" rod styles:

Bait Caster Rods:  6’0” Medium (custom solid cork pistol handle), 6’0” Medium, 7” trigger cork handle, 6’3” Light, 7” trigger cork handle, 6’6” Light, 9” trigger cork handle, 6’6” Medium, 9” trigger cork handle, 6’6” Medium/Heavy, 9” trigger cork handle, 6’6” Heavy, 9” trigger cork handle, 6’8” XX-Heavy, 9” trigger cork handle, 6’9” Light, 9” trigger cork handle, 6’9” Heavy, 9” trigger cork handle, 6’9” X-Heavy, 9” trigger cork handle, 7’ Light, 9” trigger cork handle, 7’ Medium, 9” trigger cork handle, 7’0” Medium “Special Graphic Casting” rod, 9” trigger cork handle, 7’ Medium/Heavy, 9” trigger cork handle, 7’ Heavy, 9” trigger cork handle, 7’0” X-Heavy, 9” trigger cork handle, 7'1" Medium, 7'1" Medium/Heavy, 7'1" Heavy, 7’6” Light, 11” trigger cork handle, 7’6” Medium, 11” trigger cork handle, 7’6” Medium “Special Graphic Casting” rod, 11” trigger cork handle, 7’6” Medium/Heavy, 11” trigger cork handle, 7’6” Heavy, 11” trigger cork handle, 7'7" Medium, 7'7" Medium/Heavy and 7'7" Heavy. 

Spinning Rods:  6’0” Light, 6’3” Light, 6’6” Light, 6’6” Medium, 6’6” Medium/Heavy, 6’9” Light, 7’ Light, 7’ Medium, 7’ Medium/Heavy, 7’ Heavy, 7'1" Medium, 7'1" Medium/Heavy, 7’6” Light, 7’6” Medium, 7’6” Medium/Heavy, 7’6” Heavy, 7'7" Medium and 7'7" Medium/Heavy.

Spinning Rods "Walking Tall Rods":  8'0" Light/Medium.   

Bait Caster Rods "Walking Tall Rods" 8’0” Medium/Heavy and 8’0” Heavy.

Bait Caster Rods "Walking Tall Special Cranking Series": 8'0" Medium and 8’0” Medium/Heavy.  Both of these rods are designed with special graphic for cranking.

Bait Caster Rods “E-Glass Cranking Rods”: The best glass (e-glass) cranking rods on the market in the following four (4) sizes:  6’0” Medium, 6’6” Medium, 7’0” Medium and 7’6” Medium.

In designing the B&R Outlaw Rods we wanted to make everything simple for the fishermen, so we came up with a warranty that works like this, if you break the rod, all you have to do is give the broken rod back to us, along with $75.00 and we will give you a new rod.  We don’t even ask how you broke it.  We want to keep it simple.  Ninety-eight percent of all fishing rods that are broken are broken by us the fishermen, so why pay a lot of extra money for a warranty that you may never use.

As I stated earlier B&R Outlaw Rods is a family owned business, which deals in U.S.A. Custom made bait caster & spinner rods.  The craftsmanship and quality of “B&R OUTLAW RODS” have been compared to some of the best name brand rods on the market, at a fraction of the price.  I will be the first to tell you that there are a lot of very good rod companies out there.  All we at B&R Outlaw Rods are asking is if any weekend warrior and / or tournament fishermen are in the market for a new rod, that they take a look at what B&R Outlaw Rods have to offer. 

We have a lot of both the weekend warriors and tournament fishermen calling the B&R Outlaw Rods, the Believe & Receive Outlaw Rod.  Now, my two boys are calling them the Boys & Robert Outlaw Rods. 

The bottom line is we at B&R OUTLAW RODS take pride in our uncompromising commitment to providing both the weekend warrior fishermen and tournament fishermen with the hottest rods on the market at an outstanding price. We designed these rods with the most up to date technology materials and we are having them built as if they were for our personal use. This is the B&R OUTLAW RODS philosophy when it comes to the quality of our rods, So if performance is a necessity when it comes to your fishing rods, then B&R OUTLAW RODS is what you are looking for!

Again, I want to thank you for taking the time to look at the B&R Outlaw Rods for your fishing needs.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions at my email address (teamoutlawrods@charter.net). 

Thank you,

Robert & Lynne Nosbisch, Owners

B&R Outlaw Rods

8 Willow Trail

Collinsville, Illinois 62234

(618) 791-2939 cellular number